Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

Photography Liquid Light in Colour

The projected was called MAN, WOMAN & MACHINE and my outcome was about the German articles “Der, Die, Das”. It is very interesting that this articles are male, female and thing-articles. For example the objects I used in my work:

The flower = die Blume=female
The apple = der der Apfel = male
The butterfly = der Schmetterling = male
The cigarette = die Zigarette = female
The ball = der Ball = male
The ladybird = der Marienkaefer = male
The shell = die muschel = female
The button =der Knopf = male

And I also took a special triangle shape from Leonardo da Vinci and his artwork “The last Supper”. Because the triangle shape with the top up means “male” and with the top down means “female”.
So I took these shapes to create a sculpture out of it. In the female shapes are female objects and in the male shapes the male objects. Further on I used a special photography technique, which is called “Liquid Light” process.

The original
Sculpture made out of resin...

First step is the black/white process
in the darkroom.

Than you combine the RGB elements in
Photoshop and overlap...

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