Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

ON YOUR OWN TERMS - computer-chipped humans

This idea came through my visualizing process of my installation, how to things communicate to the viewer. I wanted to simplify the idea about humans getting computer chipped:

My main issue was to visualize the fact that you can’t see it from the outside, for example when you look at somebody’s naked body…

But when you take all of the human aspects away and I did this with visualizing it in the dark, you can suddenly see what is inside > a mechanical system> the chip!

To complete my idea I chose the medium of photography and a special like sensible colour which glows in the dark (NOT IN NEON LIGHT)

I took especially a colour which absorbs the light and glows then in the dark because the neon colours are still visible when you use it as body paint, the light sensible colour is invisible.


Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

On your own terms project - making process

Identity experimentations:


The technique of Letterpress is visualizing the way in which communication works the best!
I made every letter in a different font to visualize how divers this way of interacting can be.
Every print is different and contains different textures which are unique. By little messages in between the letters I want to show how complicated this area can be and ho many hidden or subconscious messages it contain.

Sometimes even hidden or not understandable..


Sketchbook work: