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The Relationship between Music & Type

Mind map> a good start for getting started with a new project

Research of how music can be shown:

Research about Event-Flyers. The green Non-Stop Flyer was my work:

Most of the time it's about the relationship between text&image. To communicate the feeling of the music.

Example for combining Typography and music with Music characters like the singer Rehanna or Bob Marley:

The next step was researching through the internet what kind of option to producers or Djs have to show their music in public? One option is YouTube and another one is Soundcloud>

Visualizing Songtext without Text:

Visualizing the song "Seven Nation Army" from the White stripes with the DJ program Cubase:

After this research I start looking at different music genres such as Techno/Electro, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Rock, Classic,Gothic, Hip Hop and Comedy just to pick out some massive music areas and related them to Type-fonts. The aim was to bring the right association of the tones across with the help of typography even if you don't here the music right now>

During this aproach I went to a concert of the worlds Nr. 1 Techno Dj and Producer in London

where I start looking at the visuals on his screen behind him during the music was playing. Visual are there to support the music and the feeling of it during the show!
I saw very interesting elements & shapes and started creating font types on the bases of the visuals>

Songe choice:

abstract use of the 7 first icons:

Survey: About two songs>+adding an image
1) Seven Nation Army(Rock) *click to listen*
2)ZZT - The worm( electro) *click to listen*

Result from the servey:
A lot of ppl associating the sounds of the ZZT song with water noises.

Making process:

RESEARCH; ways of visualising music:


Taking it back to print:

Exhibition inspiration

>>>>>type experimenation

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