Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011


Final outcomes - Journey:

THE SONG: The white stripes - Seven nation army (klick to listen)

// Information design
// Sculptures
// Posters
// Flip book
// Animation
// (Screen) Print
// Font design
// Cut out
// Photography
// Posters

The final outcome is still related from the info design piece where I transformed the piece of music into my own key so that everybody can read it even if you don’t know how to read notes.

Poster exploration process:
form & images from the survey (see TRANSFORMERS-MAKING PROCESS)


AFTER EFFECT Animation with the elements from the inf design piece:

Over the flipbook to the medium of screen-printing:


The next stage was to take it into a new medium:

I wanted to design a visual experience so I decided to create an installation even if I don't know where it will take me:

(building the installation in the typo studio of LCC around the light)

After using the medium of photography I wanted to take the installation back into a 2D medium > a POSTER because I made an incredible discovery by placing around with the perspective of images of the installation:

I decided not to use an already existing font > This made me do my own font based on the elements from the information design piece from the beginning.

The last idea came while playing around with the medium of photography: I cut out the elements from the information design piece into a normal piece of paper but not complete so that I could bend it up and set the hard light from the studio in a way that I archive long shadows.

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