Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

RSA Competition Project - Posters & Publication


This project is especially for secondary school kids, to show and demonstrate what powerful things design can do.

Task: Create 6 A3 poster ideas

For this project I decided to involve the technique of screen-printing. To introduce this medium to secondary school kids as an activity because out of my research I discovered that kids these days are too much involved in virtual games > this was the point when I created my first poster design:

The main poster was to create an information design piece to especially show and demonstrate secondary school kids the process HOW to screen-print in an easy visual way> Red & Blue screen-print on summerset paper

My main focus within this project was to show what the medium of screen-printing could do but at the same time involving a quote, which makes people think…

Here I’m demonstrating the 3D effect with 2 colours made in print:

The technique of 4 colour (CMYK) screen-printing was important for me to include because with this process it is possible to print images so that the look like pictures.

The message says: Isn’t it great when ideas just wok?

I took this phrase in combination with the idea of printing on acetate. Printing every layer on a separate acetate and when they overlap the give the full image.

Last but not least. The idea of fooling the eye>

Text: “Design has the power to mess around with your eyes.”


Japanese- Bookbinding

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