Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Self initial (SI) Project First outcomes

First assessment 12.11.2010:
Visual outcomes so far(project still under contraction until Feb.2011)

The project about>
what humans can learn fro nature and why we try to fight or imitate nature.

Screenprinting + Rubric Cube of insects:

" Any avage boy can crush a beetle.
But all scientists in the world
cannot put together any more."


The insects on the rubric cube are symbolizing the difficulty or the impossible venture to put it together. There is a special technique for the rubric cube to get the colours in the right oder again BUT is there one existing for the beetles as well?
Origami process:

Visualizing the fact that humans always try to imitate nature.

Nanotechnology - Lotos effect (> klick )
Here I'm visualizing the Nano-Lotus effect by showing a lotus flower made out of metal paper. Above is an image of a car to create the association of the car and the lotus because the nano technology is all about the effect that water comes off automatically of surfaces. What humans try to find out today made the lotus flower since it exists.

3D light:

The hanging scale visualizes the balance between human and nature with image examples.

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