Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Visual communication

This practical experiment was about finding the right material / reaction  / meaning combination in order to create a piece of visual communication which speaks for itself and contains certain messages depending on the words and reactions of materials.

Here for example it was about using the element fire:
#fire#cardboard letterforms # Hopes & Dreams


#cress #grow up

I used same concept in connection with the growing process of plants:

1st. day - Spreading out the seeds made me realise they cannot 
be too close together as it would suspend or stop them from growing.

5th. day - Temperature : Cling film increased the process of 
growing as the effect was similar to the the one as in a “glasshouse“. 

7th. day - The excitement of noticing the first movements even if 
the process of growth is too slow for the human eye to perceive.

9th. day - Analysing the observation that the movments of the growing process was going towards the window - in the direction of the sun. The lifespan and the growing process were the same interval.


Using nature as a stencil in contrast to to the more common way of adding background colours or images in Photoshop or InDesign.



Using the feature of melting in order to create meaning within the words # anxiety# sad #pain.
 Colour has been used as an additional element to support the word. All these elements are vital aspects in order to communicate.




"Jause" (german) stands for snack/lunch. I made it out of cheese while it get eaten up bit after bit....

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