Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

Collaboration Project

This project was a group project.. Everybody got one word, my word was "PARADOX". First we had to research it> what it is >what are the different ways of understanding > find artists who are working with Paradox > find gallerys etc. After my research in the librar I came across a drawing with 2 meanings The "duck-rabbit imade"

Than I found even more of these optical illusions:

Further on I went to a gallery>

Visible Invisible: Against the Security of the Real

25 November 2009 – 7 February 2010

Parasol unit -foundation for contemporary art 14 Wharf Road, LONDON N1 7RW After that I looked at the artist Salvador Dali because he got some amazing otical illusions in his work as well:

[ photography - nude skull by salvador dali ]

[ galatea of the spheres by salvador dali ]

[ strange woman by salvador dali ]

I continued my research after that with looking at optical illusions in forms of patterns and colours:

After our week of research we got a random partner from our class. My partner was vanessa from singapur. Her word was "THEISM". Now we had to find different things in our themes which related to each other:

To continue our collaboration project we found out that our 2 themes are all about movement back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... so we had the idea with the Newton's Cradle:

And than we had a second idea where we found a paradox triangle...

We took the shape of a triangle because of the "Eye of Providence"

After deciding to make our own optical illusion installation with the help of an optical illusion triangle design:

We went down to the workshop-making area and start creating:

Vanessa is cutting the wood pieces

After a 5h of working...if you look at it now, u can't really understand what it is about, but if you look at it in a certain way you will see the triangle!
We just did the IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!
When you stand at the right position you can see both triangles.
The one on the left side (the smaller one)is a simpler version made out of just 3 pieces of wood.
At least we coloured the triangle in black, white & grey,
because the black and white is standing for 2 opposite colours
like the theist and the atheist and the paradox=2 different things in on...
and both colours combined makes grey.

Studio day 18.02.2010
For our upcoming exhibition we decided to build our simple version of our triangel
(left on the image above) in large. We made it out of 2meter x 2m x 2m wood and spray painted it white. After that we are going to hang it up in the corner of the exhibition space where the viewer is seeing it in the right angle so he realizes that it is a triangle but only from the right position!

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