Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Poster Competition about "HOME"

The first idea was to find a special austrian product what everybody would recognize. But what is a typical austrian product? Should I take the "Wiener-schnitzel" or the "Lederhosen"?
After my research I found out that the energy drink "Red Bull" was invented in Austria, but it doesn't really look like an Austrian product so I made it more look like one!
The green colour is because Austria is a very green country and the flag of one of the Austrian parts called "Steiermark" is grren & white.
I added the little flower called "Edelweiss" to it, because it"s a special flower which only grows in the mountains of Austria.

I made this special poster in my last school where I made my degree (Matura) for the London College of Commnication : HTL Ortwein in Graz

Another approach of my austrian poster is to look at
special Austrian architecture and create kind of a new building with it.
The technique is collage and I used old & modern architecture like:
• The 100 Wasserhaus in Vienna
• The arthouse in Graz
• The Stephansdom
• Different Castles
Rathaus Graz

After our little presentation in class my tutor told me to think about the background as well...maybe something with clouds, hmm... and during my research I came across this image!Which gave me the idea!!


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