Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013


Craft means to care 

My final year MA Graphic Design project includes a designed A5 Project Report, a designed A4 Visual Summary and the final outcome: two A2 hand-bound books with realy wooden covers which contain my individual designed letterforms. Additionally to my outcome arose a "process book" with all the visible stages and steps I had to achieve during the making process of letterpress.

Learning by doing

My unique alphabet is based on textures in nature: 

The designs visualise a journey about the collaboration between hand drawn processes and digital media in the field of typography.

Visualizing a story about the cooperation between the human and the machine where a traditional technique such as letterpress and the rather new method in design called laser cut, are introduced to visual ideas and new interpretations in the voice of the 21st century for the purpose of graphic and communication design.

The main influence for this project was the idea of combining areas in the field of graphic design. Starting of with the most common gift of an creative-  hand drawn illustrations in form of individual letterforms, perfected digitally and take further to other technologies such as laser cut for the purpose of letterpress-printing them later on. 

Testing out the possibilities of various techniques in a cooperation process was the aim of this design project. The question is not what is better: handmade or digital, but what can be achieved if you there is an interplay between both of these areas?

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